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Moving Forward Is Hard. We Can Help.

When you lose someone to an accident, the days, weeks and months after can blend together. You’ve got so much to do, you’ve got so many demands on you and you have your grief, raw and untreated. This is a time when you’re vulnerable, and what you need most is someone to make sure no one takes advantage of you.

That’s what we can do. For more than 38 years, the attorneys of Cunningham, Chernicoff & Warshawsky, P.C., have helped people manage the aftermath of losing someone. We can help you deal with insurance companies and pursue compensation for what you lost. More than that, we’ll do what it takes to be a barrier between some of the difficulties ahead of you.

Is It The Right Time For This?

The last thing anyone wants to talk about when they’ve lost someone they cared about is money. But the reality is that you have so many expenses ahead of you:

  • Funeral costs
  • Medical bills
  • Lost income
  • Lost childcare

Everything that you relied on your family member, financially, is now on your shoulders. As well as the incredible pain of losing someone so suddenly.

You do not have to face those costs on your own. With a wrongful death lawsuit, you can pursue the responsible parties to cover these costs and perhaps help you maintain some stability in this difficult time. Unfortunately, time does move quickly, and it is imperative to seek damages quickly or the statute of limitations may run out.

How Cunningham, Chernicoff & Warshawsky, P.C., Can Help

Our firm will work directly with you to understand the difficulties you face. We can explain the law and how you can file a claim. Most of all, we’ll take the difficult task of pursuing this off your shoulders. We can take that stress away from you and fight to give you what you need. Some peace of mind and compensation.

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