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Where Should I Keep My Estate Planning Documents?

Your Will, Power of Attorney (POA), Living Will, Trust(s) and any important estate planning related documents should be kept:

  1. In a fire safe location in your home. Here, you keep originals. The originals never go to anyone else permanently. They may need to be given temporarily to a financial advisor, bank or to counsel, but should always be returned to you.
  2. A copy should also be in an easily retrievable location in your home and/or on your computer.
  3. A copy should be with the person(s) you have chosen to serve as your executor, trustee, POA or a backup. Those persons need to know where to get to your originals as well.
  4. Your attorney should have copies of all documents. If you have an attorney, make sure you give copies to your counsel.
  5. All your health care providers should have a copy of any Living Will or POA which has health care provisions.