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As of May 29, 2020, Dauphin County, where our office is located, has moved from Red to Yellow status. Our office will re-open on June 1, 2020. Until further notice, Stay Safe Guidelines will be followed, including safe social distancing (6 feet), cleaning after each client and the wearing of masks by employees and clients at all times while in our office. People who are ill and those without masks will not be permitted entry into our office.

Do You Have Questions About Estate Taxes?

If you have been named an executor or administrator of the estate of a loved one, you may have concerns about how to ensure that all estate and inheritance tax issues are properly addressed and resolved. You want an experienced lawyer to advise you, someone who understands the intricacies of estate tax law, who has helped others in circumstances like yours.

Helping Pennsylvanians Manage Their Estate Tax Obligations Since 1978

At the law office of Cunningham, Chernicoff & Warshawsky, P.C., we bring more than 130 years of combined legal experience to people throughout central Pennsylvania, including individuals who have concerns about estate taxes. We offer large-firm results with a small-firm attitude, using experience, skill, determination and hard work to help you protect your rights. We recognize your concerns about the costs of legal representation, and we will strive at all times to provide cost-effective counsel that meets your needs.

Our Estate Taxation Practice

We handle all issues related to state or federal estate or inheritance tax issues. We will carefully review the assets and debts of the estate and identify the steps you need to take to ensure compliance with tax laws. We will help you or your accountant prepare and file all estate tax returns. We will also verify that you have taken permissible tax deductions, so that you can minimize the tax burden on the estate.

We are well-versed in the laws governing estate taxation. In Pennsylvania, trusts do not avoid taxation, but everything that passes between husband and wife is tax-free. We will also work with you during the estate planning process to help you put measures in place that minimize your estate tax burden.

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We provide a confidential consultation to every client. To set up a meeting with experienced Harrisburg attorneys for estate tax issues, contact our office by email or call us at 717-260-3527 or toll free at 866-534-4404. We accept Visa and MasterCard.