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How to handle the emotional impact of bankruptcy

No entity, no matter how big or small, is immune from bankruptcy. Recently, Sears has made headlines for having to file for bankruptcy, which has necessitated the closing of many of its Pennsylvania locations. The stores in Pleasant Hills, Allentown and other cities around the state will have to close soon.

Filing for bankruptcy is a significant decision to make. In addition to the toll it will take on your credit score and future finances, it can also bring about an emotional toll. It is normal to feel angry, depressed or frustrated, but it is vital to manage your feelings so that you can get through this time in a healthy way.

Realize your feelings are valid

The need to file for bankruptcy is a lot like losing a loved one or going through a divorce. Many people feel the need to bury these negative feelings, but that is ultimately unhealthy. You cannot deny the fact you feel sad or angry. However, you do not have to allow those feelings to control you. Once you accept your feelings, you can begin working toward making the situation better.

Build a support network

One way you can make yourself feel better is to talk about your experiences with someone you trust. You have already spoken with an attorney, but at this point, it can be good to talk to a friend or close law member. You should never feel as though these conversations are a burden to the other person. To the contrary, this person will feel relieved to know how you have done since the filing.

Understand bankruptcy is for the best

In many cases, bankruptcy will be the best option. You may feel depressed to have to go through it, but you would likely feel worse if you continued under massive debt. Do not give up; you are well on your way to a better life.