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Key aspects of spousal support in Pennsylvania

During a divorce, the merged lives of two parties must become separate again. As such, there are several different elements to the divorce process.

Spousal support is one of the main elements that many divorcing couples face. In the state of Pennsylvania, there are a few key aspects that divorcing parties should understand.

Different types

There are a few different types of spousal support. Though they all provide financial support to aid a spouse during the transition, they vary depending on the timeframe. Spousal support is the payment a spouse receives during separation but before the proceedings, while alimony pendente lite is support the court awards during the divorce proceedings. Any support payment a spouse receives after the finalization of the divorce is alimony. The amount may stay the same or change between the different classifications, depending upon the calculations of the proper amount.

Calculating payments

The state of Pennsylvania has its own formulas for calculating child and spousal support, which the courts utilize in their decisions. However, they also take into consideration a few additional factors to determine a fair support amount. Some of the main elements that the courts consider in their calculations include:

These are a few of the main considerations, but there are a number of others that the court may take into account. No two marriages are exactly the same, so there may be certain aspects that apply to one and not the other. For this reason, the evidence and arguments that parties present during the process are essential.

By keeping these things in mind, people can determine the best choice in regards to their spousal support proceedings. For further information or clarity, parties should review the law in full and consider consulting with a divorce attorney.