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Common mistakes to avoid when filing for bankruptcy

If you find yourself on the verge of filing for bankruptcy, you are not alone. Many people in Harrisburg turn to bankruptcy every day because they can no longer afford to their pay bills. Whether your situation is because of a recent divorce, serious illness, job loss or some other unfortunate event, bankruptcy can help make your financial situation more manageable and less stressful.

You should understand that once you declare bankruptcy, you need to modify your lifestyle and spending habits to ensure that there are no complications with your case. Here are a couple mistakes you should avoid when filing for bankruptcy.

Not filing tax returns

It is not uncommon for some people who are struggling with their debts to not file their tax returns. Even if filing your taxes causes you to have a financial obligation to the IRS, you should file anyway. If you do not take care of your tax situation before filing for bankruptcy, you could face delays with your case. Most tax debts are not dischargeable in bankruptcy. You should consider working with the IRS to get a payment plan that works best for your situation to avoid future complications and penalties.

Not disclosing all income

You may hope that underreporting your income to the courts could get you a lower bankruptcy payment plan amount. However, not disclosing all of your income can result in you paying more than you would if you are honest and upfront about your financial situation. It can also result in your bankruptcy case being denied. Bear in mind that a bankruptcy trustee of the courts will carefully examine your claims and financial situation for accuracy. Lying and omitting information hurts your credibility and can get you a less than desirable outcome.

You should adjust your lifestyle to reflect your new financial reality. Learn how to budget properly, save money and spend wisely so you can avoid these circumstances again in the future. Many people find it necessary to seek out professional help when filing for bankruptcy to avoid delays and complications with their cases. You should consider speaking with an attorney about your situation to receive guidance on the matter.