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Is Chapter 11 Bankruptcy An Option?

At Cunningham, Chernicoff & Warshawsky, P.C., we advise business clients and creditors in all aspects of bankruptcy matters. For more than 30 years, we have helped protect the financial interests of our clients while obtaining debt relief and enabling financial reorganization. Our attorneys have extensive experience in financial analysis and renegotiation of debts, leases and obligations, as well as the ability to protect and pursue clients’ rights in court.

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When a business’s cash flow becomes tight, the natural impulse of a business owner is to work to generate increased revenue. In the case of a growing business, this is only going to cause the solvency problem to worsen due to the need to finance increased production. For a steady business, this drives up costs, with no guarantee of success.

If your business is showing solvency problems, call Cunningham, Chernicoff & Warshawsky, P.C., for a consultation as soon as possible. Our experienced Harrisburg business bankruptcy lawyers and professionals may be able to help before the situation becomes critical.

We will analyze the source of your company’s financial problems and recommend a strategy to deal with it. For some companies, this may involve alternatives to bankruptcy. For others, this may involve financial and debt restructuring under Chapter 11 of the Bankruptcy Code or possibly liquidation under Chapter 7.

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If a bankruptcy filing under Chapter 11 is the best solution, our team has the experience and ability to put together a reorganization plan acceptable to the court and to creditors.

We will work with you to protect your assets and interests and to put in place a plan designed to enable your firm to emerge from Chapter 11 as a financially healthy and viable enterprise.

Cunningham, Chernicoff & Warshawsky, P.C., has worked on behalf of businesses and business owners in central Pennsylvania since 1978. As experienced bankruptcy and business attorneys, we understand the law, but we also understand business. Our goal is to help our business clients grow and prosper.

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We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code. Attorney Robert Chernicoff, designated a Super Lawyer, works extensively on these types of cases.